A guide to creating a custom, automated visualization of repeat purchase behavior

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Monitoring repeat purchase behavior is essential in ensuring a profitable retail or e-commerce business. Repeat customers generally spend more per purchase and are more likely to recommend the store or product to other customers, boosting new customer acquisition and revenue.

Automated reporting dashboards help business owners and analysts get real-time visibility on repeat purchase levels. In this post, I shall demonstrate how this can be done using Google Data Studio and BigQuery.

If you work with an e-commerce business, chances are you already have a Google Analytics account and are able to view retention rates there. The advantage of building…

A guide to designing effective, efficient, and engaging dashboards

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These days, we have in our thumbs access to tons of data points about customers’ buying behaviors and habits. The real challenge posed to us as analysts and retail professionals is presenting this information in an effective, efficient, and engaging manner. Effective, as the analysis should ultimately address specific business objectives. Efficient, as data needs to be updated in a timely manner, otherwise they run the risk of being outdated and stale. Engaging, to encourage regular use of the dashboard.

Business intelligence dashboarding is pretty common among organizations, and has helped analysts visualize data in a more engaging manner. Its…

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Customer churn is one of the major issues that businesses face, and minimizing churn rates has a significant impact on revenues and bottom lines. Each customer lost often hurts profits, that’s why companies go to great lengths to keep them satisfied.

This analysis shows how using customer action data can help pinpoint specific customers that have a higher likelihood to leave a subscription service. Having an “alarm system” like this in place can help businesses plan targeted interventions with the goal of minimizing attrition rates, like loyalty and reward programs.

How can subscription-based services predict churn? Which methods are efficient…

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In 2019, LinkedIn ranked “Data Scientist” as the most promising profession in the US with 56% increase in job demand, and has consistently topped Glassdoor’s best jobs in America for three years straight.

Sure, the COVID pandemic might have heavily affected the job landscape, but in the midst of businesses suffering enormous cuts lies a more pressing need for a data-driven culture. Having a strong data capability can reinforce better decision-making, with business goals and targets monitored and optimized.

For me and thousands of other aspiring data scientists, knowing what it takes to successfully break into the field would especially…

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